Crash: White People and Movie

Topics: White people, Racism, Race and Ethnicity Pages: 3 (1007 words) Published: March 30, 2013
Crash (2004)

Directory Paul Haggis

Crash is a movie that takes place in a two-day period and puts racism right in the face of viewers. From the time the movie starts to the time the movie ends, there is racism covered. The opening scene shows a black couple driving and gets pulled over by two white cops. One of the white cops starts harassing the black couple and leads to comments about race. It quickly turns worse as the white cop starts molesting the female of the couple they pulled over. Which in turn then causes a debate between the black couple about being controlled by white people.

This was just the opening scene of the movie. This is a very powerful scene that leads up to all the events happening during the movie. There is racism in every part of this movie and from every angle. The movie shows how people themselves can be racist toward their own race and others. Crash breaks down stereotypes and shows how each has race certain features that the race has. There were scenes that showed what stereotypes Muslims have and how they talk to each other and own small convenience store. Later in the movie their store was trashed and spray paint on their walls called them “towel heads”. There was a Mexican lock smith who was in a white woman’s house changing out locks and was said to have the look of gang members and go to his “homies” with an extra set of keys to rob them. Which later shows him with his family at home and him loving his daughter. The list goes on and on with each different race to show stereotypes and how they are perceived and then shows the character in the way they live their life in that movie, being that it a true state of truth or what the real life is.

Crash brings real life situations to light. There is a lawyer who even uses a race card to try to get people on his side. It is not how he honestly feels but it is how he is seen in the public eye. Brendan Fraser plays the, not so popular,...
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