Crime And Victimization

Topics: Crime, Criminal law, Police Pages: 7 (1014 words) Published: February 3, 2015

Crime and Victimization
Chris O’Connor
Strayer University
CRJ 100
Professor Blais
October 31, 2014

Dr. Carla O’Donnell discusses Rational Choice Theory as the thought processes encountered when people engage in delinquent, (youthful offenders,) or criminal behavior. They have a sense that crime pays and this is the easiest way to get ahead in life. Such a criminal mindset does not consider the exact consequences of their maladaptive behavior. Criminal offenders use rational choice to commit a crime, and may perceive only the means to an end. These individuals take the time to think out a plan for the crime from start to finish and consider only an easy self-centered profit motive. There is no regard or consideration for victims or their respective feelings. (Siegel/ Worrall, 2013). The most serious crime that can result from this thought process is capital murder. Consider the recent real-life crime scenario involving the death of William Roundtree, “Bill” DaVitte, 55, and the victimization of his wife outside Marvin United Methodist Church, Columbia County, Georgia. Daniel Nelson Robinson, a Florida man committed these heinous crimes for the purpose of obtaining monetary gains in the form of cash. Additionally he appeared in need of a vehicle to leave the area to travel to his home area of Jacksonville, Florida. The grand jury charged Robinson age 21, with felony murder, armed robbery, motor vehicle theft, possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime. The District Attorney of Columbia County, Georgia, Ashley Wright is seeking the death penalty for Daniel Nelson Robinson. Robinson’s felony criminal behavior reflects Rational Choice Theory because Robinson was seeking expediency in his criminal behavior to obtain easy cash and immediate escape in DaVitte’s SUV toward Jacksonville, Florida, ( Rowell, 2014). Many Criminologists would argue that Robinson is a psychopath because of the recurring theme of his criminal behavior. He was on parole. This criminal offender demonstrated total disregard toward human life and lacking a moral arm since this also occurred on Church property. Psychodynamic Theory suggests that his psychopathology reflects a lack of conscience and disregard toward helpless females since he did assault DaVitte’s spouse. It would appear that Robinson was a delinquent, (records sealed,) and was placed on parole after a life of youthful criminal behavior if not delinquent behavior. Another example of a criminal victimization is the national and sensational criminal case of the serial killer from the State of Indiana, Darian Deon Vann. This week Vann pleaded not guilty though he confessed earlier to investigators killing prostitutes and disposing their lifeless bodies in abandon, run down houses in Gary, Indiana. Reportedly he admitted to the brutal murders of seven women. Many more women may have been slayed by Vann. He is a former Marine who has a history of sexual assaults, victimizing women in the State of Texas and the State of Indiana. Investigators suspect many other jurisdictions and municipalities are looking into their unsolved murder cases. Complex as these serial sexual homicides appear, investigations are at this time incomplete. State Police in Indiana and the Texas Rangers are sharing forensic data and trace evidence. In addition due to Vann’s comments about visiting the dead bodies of the women who were abandon in unoccupied houses, Federal Investigators are directing resources to assist local, county and State law enforcement to complete what will be an extremely lengthy and exhaustive criminal investigation. Darian Deon Vann was married sixteen years and had a biological son, (NBC News, 2014). Both spouse and son were never victimized by Vann’s penchant for violent, sadistic sexual behavior. Law enforcement officials from various jurisdictions are attempting to piece together Vann’s elusive past and apparent psychopathological history of...
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