Crime Data Comparison

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Crime Data Comparison
There are many different crimes that are reported daily and some crimes that are not reported at all. Without the proper reporting of crimes, it is hard for anyone to actually put together a data form to show all the proper crimes. In this paper, the individual will choose the crime forcible rape within the metropolitan areas of Abilene, Texas and Akron, Ohio. The individual will compare the occurrence of that offense in the selected areas, and identify the number of occurrences of the crime chosen that was known to the police for each area. This paper will also include answers to the following questions: 1) Which area had more reported incidents, 2) What were the rates of the crime for each area, 3) Did the rates change over time in either area, and 4) What factors might explain the difference in the rates? Forcible Rape

The two metropolitan areas chosen were Abilene, TX and Akron, OH. In 2008, the Abilene’s population was 159,257 and only 95 forcible rapes were reported. This then gave the rate of the charge to be 59.7 per every 100,000 inhabitants. By 2009, all the information had changed due to being a year later. Reports showed that in 2009, Abilene’s population was 159,632, only 357 people difference. The forcible rapes that had been reported were up to 134 with the rate being 83.9 per every 100,000 inhabitants. As for Akron, in 2008 the population of that town was 699,914 and had reports showed that 265 people reported forcible rape. The rate per every 100,000 inhabitants were then at 40.3. By 2009, Akron’s population was larger by 1,018 people, making the population to be 700,932. The reported forcible rapes for 2009 were then at 298 and the rate at 44.4 for every 100,000 inhabitants. Rates are going to change over a period of time based on different factors. The different factors to be looked at are the towns and states at which this crime is being committed as well as the factor of the number of people living in...
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