Crime Trends

Topics: Criminal law, Crime, Misdemeanor Pages: 2 (349 words) Published: November 29, 2011
Crime trend Part 2

According to my crime trend: Career Criminals

My crime trend does not seem to exist in Virginia. According to US legal “Parole has been abolished” (Us Legal, 2010). With parole being abolished this does not give felons a chance to become career criminals. By abolishing parole Virginia has cut down crime in their state significantly. According to the Lexington prosecutor the number of repeat offenders has risen from 1996 to 1999 about two percent each year. They are recommending stricter penalties and laws for repeat offenders. It says “there has been a 75% increase in the number of repeat offenders charged and prosecuted since 1996” (Lexington Prosecutor). So now there are questions being raised on why so many repeat offenders are being allowed back on our streets, and why are they on probation from a previous crime? This I believe is why they abolished parole, to help the Commonwealth of Virginia feel safe and get the repeat offenders off the street.

Between the two geographical regions Virginia is actually at a higher percentage of repeat offenders than Michigan Michigan is at 56% and Virginia is 75%. Each state is working hard to develop new systems to keep repeat offenders out off the streets. Though, I feel that Virginia is making a big step by abolishing parole, by doing this it enables repeat felon to stay off the streets and protects the citizens of the state.

Researching shows me that repeat offenders are on the rise in most states. Though, most states are in process of adapting new laws to protect he citizens of each state and keep the criminals off the road. Most states should adapt a law as Virginia has abolishing parole for repeat offenders of violent crimes. By doing this it shows criminals that the state is not going to mess around and also show the citizens they are trying to keep them safe.

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