crimes and defenses

Topics: Criminal law, Crime, Criminology Pages: 1 (587 words) Published: December 2, 2014
Even though millions of crimes in the U.S. are committed, there has to be certain elements in order for a crime to be considered a crime. There are several features of crime, and even arguments to use against criminal indictment. For a said crime to have occurred it has to have certain elements. There are three main elements to a crime. The first is called Actus Reus, which is the criminal act. This is the element where someone takes action and actually commits the crime. The second element is known as Mens Rea, or the criminal intent. This is described as the “consideration” part of a crime, where a person knows their intent before committing the crime. The third element is known as concurrence. This is because there has to be a relationship and presence with both the Actus Reus and the Mens Rea, for a crime to be called a crime. So the criminal act, the intent, and the concurrence all have to be present in order for a crime to be considered a crime. When there is a crime that is committed, there are usually certain features of that crime. The first feature is causation, which is the legal cause that has to be demonstrated in court to hold the person of causing any harm. The second feature of crime is harm itself. While not every harm can be considered a crime, all crime causes some kind of harm. The third feature is legality, which states that if a law does not define it as so, than a behavior cannot be considered criminal. The fourth feature is punishment. Punishments for a crime have to be specified. This is in case a person is found guilty of violating the law. The fifth feature of crime, which is the last, is called the necessary attendant circumstances. This feature refers to all of the facts that surround a crime. When a crime is considered a crime there are always features that go along with every kind of crime. When people are facing criminal indictment, there are certain arguments that people can use. One argument to use is an alibi. An alibi is a...
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