Criminal Acts Abd Choice Theory Paper

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Heather Moore: Criminal Acts and Choice Theory Paper

Criminal Acts and Choice Theory Paper

Heather Moore


“Choice theories state that the decision to commit (or refrain from) crime is an exercise of free will based on the offender’s efforts to maximize pleasure and minimize pain.” In this paper, I will look at choice theories and the common models in how society determines which acts are considered to be criminal, and how these are impacted by choice theories of crime.

Criminal Acts and Choice Theory Paper

Criminal Acts and Choices Paper
Choice theories are perspectives on crime causation that states that criminality is the aftermath of conscious choices. It is also known as the rational choice theory. According to this theory, offenders desire to defy the laws when they believe that the cost of doing so does not outweigh the benefits.

Choice Theory posits that there is a central behavior to our existence and that it is genetically driven by five needs: responsibility and freedom, power/competence/significance, fun/learning, love/connecting/belonging, and survival. The choice theory also has ten Axioms that are based on a counseling process that is focused on helping clients learn to make good choices. The ten Axioms of choice theories are: (1) all behaviors are assigned by verbs and name by the part that is recognized the most, (2) all behavior is chosen, but we only posses direct control over thinking components and acting. Our feelings and physiology can be indirectly controlled through how we chose to think and act, (3) our behavior is the only behavior we can control ourselves, (4) information is all we can give someone else, (5) relationship problems stem from long-lasting psychological problems, (6) the relationship we had the most problems with is always a part of our present life, (7) total behavior is all behavior and it is made up of four components- feeling, thinking, acting, and physiology, (8) behave is all we...

References: Regoli, Robert M. Hewitt, John D. (2009) Exploring Criminal Justice: The Essentials
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