Criminal Attorney

Topics: Lawyer, Juris Doctor, Crime Pages: 2 (694 words) Published: November 11, 2013
Criminal Lawyer
We have all heard those heartbreaking tragedies of homicides, rape, or even theft, and we talk about them with such sorrow in our hearts saying the suspect needs to serve so many years in prison. But I want to do something about it. I want to put those awful criminals in prison and keep them away from the innocent society. That is why I have chosen to take the path of becoming a criminal lawyer in my future.

As a criminal lawyer, my job is to represent my client as best I can with their best interest in mind. I will take part in arraignment hearings, pretrial hearings, settlement conferences, trials, and sentence hearings. It is my job to defend both adults and juveniles in any level of court: local, state, or federal. In order to serve in federal court, it is required to apply for admission to serve in that court. In order to get for my client the most pleasing sentence, whether it be the criminal or victim, I need to be able to find and collect evidence anywhere I can as well as present it in a convincing manner. Even without trial for a crime committed, if hired to do so, I will provide legal counsel of their best interest to my client. Although I will put away criminals who do nothing but harm our society, I will also have to defend some of those criminals, and that will be the most challenging part of my career. Even if my client admits to me he committed the crime he has been accused of, I can’t share that with anyone, it is still my job to prove his innocence. I may believe that he (or she) deserves life in prison without parole, but that doesn’t matter because I am getting paid to defend him. With pros and cons to this job, as any other job would have, the pros I see outweigh the cons.

To be a criminal lawyer I need to have very specific traits and abilities to be good at my job. First of all, it is important that I am able to calmly talk with people in a respectable and understandable way. It is inevitable that I will conduct an...
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