Criminal Evidence

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Evaluating Reliable Evidence
Amanda R.Wilborn

Professor C
April 19, 2011


Evidence is any information gathered at the scene of a crime that may be relevant to a criminal investigation. There are different types of evidence that varies from Paperwork, Photographs, DNA, Finger prints; etc... These different kinds of evidence also require different types of opinions and explanations. Analyzing DNA is the best way to get your evidence. Every effort must be made to ensure that evidence is not lost, damaged, or contaminated. Evidence has many different roles in the investigation of a crime. It can link a suspect to a crime scene if (example) a footprint matching the shoe of the suspect is found. Evidence can also eliminate a suspect. If the shoe size of the suspect does not match that of footprint evidence, then those footprints cannot tie that suspect to the crime scene. Evidence could also back up or contradict a witness statement that can help guide the police in further investigations. Evidence such as DNA or fingerprints is also valuable in providing an accurate ID of the suspect (s)

Paperwork Paperwork can be both reliable, and none reliable. If the source is not legible and you cannot read it or if it was a written statement that use short hand and one can’t understand; example using short hand words such as; wrk for the word work or abt for the word it can cause a confusion of understanding. Paperwork can be a reliable source of evidence because you can always refer to your paperwork when trying to solve a case or you can add new material to these files. Paper work can consist of helpful photos copies, criminal sketches, pictures of a criminal and their known whereabouts.

Crime scene photography is...
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