Criminal Investigations

Topics: Criminal law, Interview, Logic Pages: 2 (327 words) Published: August 20, 2013
Week 5 Individual Work
Stacy Grice
Everest University
CJE 1600-12
Criminal Investigations
Professor Stevie Hayes
August 16, 2013

There is a big difference between an interview and an interrogation. The main purpose of an interview is to obtain information and should be done in a location where the person being interviewed is mentally and emotionally relaxed. Most of the time someone would be interviewed in their home or a park, where they would feel relaxed. Most of the time you interview the people that are more vocal about what they saw first, cause they can often provide enough information to determine whether a crime has been committed and what type of crime that was committed. Now after you have completed all of your interviews and you have your suspect or possible multiple suspects, next comes the interrogation. The textbook definition of an interrogation basically is a line of direct questioning about the crime that is being investigated. The line of questioning can have either direct or indirect involvement in the investigation. There are specific goals of an interrogation that investigators must follow. First, they need to learn the truth of the crime and how it happened. Second, they need to obtain an admission of guilt from the suspect. Third, to get all of the facts about the method and circumstances of the crime that was committed. Fourth, they need to gather all information so that investigators are able to come to a logical conclusion. Finally, the investigators need to provide all information to the prosecution so that they can use it in court. The setting of an interrogation should have a more businesslike atmosphere. The suspect should be removed from any familiar surroundings and the furniture should be kept at a minimum, so that the investigators are able to observe the suspects body language during the interrogation.


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