Criminal Investigations Unit 5 Mid Term Essay

Topics: Police, Scientific method, Mind Pages: 2 (488 words) Published: January 13, 2013
1.The methods of inquiry is divided into 2 distinct categories. One category is archeologist, historian, journalist, epidemiologist, and criminal investigator. The second category is scientist in general including artist. Fusing these categories together allows the reconstruction of the past. Methods of inquiry use techniques common to both science and art. During an investigation is it important to figure out what took place before the crime was committed to give the police a better understanding of where it took place, why it took place, how it took place and all the events that lead up to the crime.

Osterburg, J. W. & Ward, R. H. (2010). Criminal investigation, A method for reconstructing the past (6th ed.)

2.The optimal mindset of an investigator should be open minded and investigative. It is manifested by going into a scene looking at scene from all angles not by having it in your head it was done one way and there is no other possibility. The investigative mindset comes from experiencing it hands on or by practicing. Some people are born with this mindset. An investigative mind gives us the ability to see what a naked eye wouldn’t. It also allows us to see evidence others may not think would be related to the scene. With both mindsets we come in with the questions of who, what, why, when, where?

Osterburg, J. W. & Ward, R. H. (2010). Criminal investigation, A method for reconstructing the past (6th ed.)

3. Scientific method is observing, thinking about and solving problems. Investigators will use these methods throughout the entire investigation. Once the investigator arrives on scene they will make note of what they see in regards to bullets, tools, impressions, motive, blood spatter, and how it compares to other unsolved crimes. The investigator will use observation and thinking about the scene to lead him to solve the crime. These methods will also lead to catching the perpetrator. A reason may even be drawn to conclude as to...
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