Criminal Justice

Topics: Crime, Criminal justice, Police Pages: 2 (605 words) Published: January 17, 2013
Herbert Packer a professor from Stanford University came up with two models of how the criminal justice system works. The two models that Herbert Packer had came up with is the crime control model and due process model.The crime control model is based on conservative values such as aggressive arrest, prosecution and conviction of criminals and makes the system more efficient and safer for people. The due process control is basically protecting an individual’s rights whether they’re accused and to protect the innocent people from conviction.

According to the article , neither models should be used because both the crime control and due process model have both significant strengths and weaknesses. For example, one weakness of a due process model is it only protects the accused individual rights and not the victim. Also the articles claims that “both appear to have potential pitfalls and dangers that could threaten both safety and security and the individual freedoms that have made the United States a beacon of stability and freedom throughout the world”. The article also states that crime control model is too harsh while the due process model is just soft on the accused individuals. While the crime control model is aggressive arrest and it could be trouble if the police officers arrest the innocent by accident and during the aggressive arrest it may hurt the victims also.This shows that neither models should be used due to all the reasons above.

Herbert Packer feels that both methods should be combined to prevent weaknesses in the model while gaining more strengths and less dangers to the society. Also Herbert Packer feels that if the models were combined, it’ll be the best strategy to deal with crimes days in the future. With the criminal control model being harsh and the due process being more soft on the accused, they would make a great team which adjusting the levels to just right not too harsh or too easy. These reasons above states why Herbert Packer...
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