Criminal Justice

Topics: Crime, Criminology, Criminal law Pages: 2 (699 words) Published: April 2, 2013
1)Mala in se are offenses that are wrong in themselves and by their very nature. Such as rape and murder. 2)Mala prohibita are crimes because they are prohibited by government but not wrong themselves. 3)The categories of crime are;

A)Visible crime
B)Occupational crime
C)Organized crime
D)Crime without victims
E)Political crime
F)Cyber crime
Visible Crime refers to an offense against persons or property, and is often called “Street crime” or “Ordinary crime”. These crimes are the most visible and least profitable for criminals, and are also the acts the public views as “criminal.” Law enforcement spends the majority of their time and resources on dealing with visible crimes. Most offenders are young men and members of the lower class. Visible crimes are divided in three categories: violent crimes, property crimes, and public order crimes. Occupational Crime is crime committed through opportunities created in legal business or occupation. Many offenders are middle/upper class, and viewed as respectable people. If these crimes are done right they may never be discovered. Crimes like these impose enormous costs on society. Organized Crime refers to the framework within which such acts are committed. They provide high demand, illegal goods, and services to millions of people, such as prostitution and drugs. Organized criminals engage in minimum risk activities and receive maximum profits. Very few of them get arrested and prosecuted. Mafia’s and gangs contribute to organized crime. Crime without Victims refers to a willing and private exchange of goods or services that are in high demand but illegal. People involved do not feel that they are being harmed- thus why it is called victimless. Gambling, prostitution, and drug sales are a few examples. It is believed to harm society as a whole due to moral standards. Political Crime involves criminal acts by the government or against the government, usually for ideological purposes. Political criminals are...
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