Criminal Justice

Topics: House arrest, Criminal law, Crime Pages: 1 (395 words) Published: April 17, 2013
Intensive probation supervision is a type of intermediate sanction involving small probation caseloads and strict monitoring on a daily or weekly basis. With this type of probation supervision, the offender is released from prison and they have to report once a week and the probation officer comes out to check on him or her on a daily or weekly basis. This type of probation can keep an offender on the right track because when the probation officer comes out they have to be there unless they have a job then they are excused. Most probation officers don’t want the offender using alcohol or any other type of drug. I think that this is a pretty good probation supervision. Electronic monitoring is another type of probation supervision which requires convicted offenders to wear a monitoring device as part of their community sentence. Typically part of a house arrest order, this enables the probation department to ensure that offenders are complying with court-ordered limitations on their freedom. Most of the time these devices are placed on the offenders’ leg like a bracelet. If the offender goes within a certain distance away from the house, the probation officer is automatically notified through the electronic device. I think that this is a great form of probation supervision, because if an offender violates a zone, a wireless tracking device alerts potential victims when a monitored offender is in the victim’s vicinity in violation of a court restraining or protection order. While intensive probation is strict, electronic monitoring is stricter. House arrest is still another form of probation supervision. This is a form of intermediate sanction that requires that the convicted offender spend a designated amount of time per week in his or her own home such as from 6p.m Friday until 8am Monday. With house arrest the offender is confounded to their house for their protection and others. This is mainly good for those offender who have a drinking record. It will prevent...
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