Criminal Justice

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Criminal Justice System 1

Criminal Justice Paper
Quiana Pratt
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Criminal Justice Paper 2

Criminal Justice Paper

The components of the criminal justice system are: law enforcement (police, sheriffs, cops), courts, and corrections( jail, prison). Law enforcement is any system that has members of society acting in an organized manner to make sure the law is being obeyed, by finding and punishing the people who disobey the rules that govern society(Wikipedia). The courts provide a place for presenting complaints of criminal or civil nature for the purpose of coming to a conclusion on the complaints given. Also the courts guarantee the rules and laws pertaining to those complaints are followed. Corrections are prisons and jails; they are facilities operated by many different levels of government for the keeping of accused criminals sentenced by the courts and individuals accused of crimes but not yet convicted. The components of the criminal justice process are: Intake, 1st appearance, bail, right to counsel, substance abuse evaluations, pre-indictment events, plea bargains, P.T.I (pretrial intervention program, the grand jury, the indictment process, the pre-arraignment conference and arraignment, the status and pretrial conferences, trials, presentence investigations and reports/sentencing, post-conviction motions, and the “TEAM” concept in criminal case processing. (judiciary.state) Intake is when an individual is arrested due to a crime being committed, it can also occur when a warrant is issued or the scene of a crime. 1st appearance is when the individual is required to appear in court, the individual is advised or their rights and bail is reviewed. Bail is security that the individual will appear in court on date they are due, if they do not appear in...

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