Criminal Justice Core Paper

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Criminal Justice Core and Process 1
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Criminal Justice Core And Process 2
The Criminal Justice System and its core are made up of police, courts, and corrections. Each component must hold up its end to make sure that the system works as a whole. The courts main goal is to make sure as well, that the people who work for and represent our Criminal Justice System are protecting and serving the community with the highest standards. Some of (but not all) of the core components of the police is to protect the rights and freedoms of the people while enforcing the law, making arrests, and maintaining public order. The courts have the job of determining the innocent from the guilty, while protecting the rights and the freedoms of anyone facing conviction by the justice system. The courts are where the trials are held. The courts are the final say in the sentences imposed on the guilty. The courts make sure the laws are upheld. The final component is corrections. Corrections can come in place as prisons and jails, as well as ways to rehabilitate offenders. Corrections are who imposes the sentences carried out by the offenders, while making sure they are kept in a humane, safe, secure environment. Corrections make sure that the public is protected from criminals by keeping them off the streets assuring that the criminals do not offend again while incarcerated.

The Criminal Justice System is made up of...
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