Criminal Justice Field

Topics: Crime, Juvenile delinquency, Drug Enforcement Administration Pages: 2 (637 words) Published: May 28, 2013
Criminal Justice and my Future Endeavors
Criminal justice is a field with many different facets. There are various reasons why people choose to pursue jobs in criminal justice, some like the uncertainties of what the next day will hold, and others have the desire to help their communities out any way possible. There are many different jobs to choose from that go beyond traditional law enforcement.  There is a huge rise in criminal justice practitioners because crime and violence is rapidly rising. There are countless numbers of jobs to choose from, but I am fascinated with becoming a Drug Enforcement agent. The United States drug enforcement administration was created to enforce the laws and regulations concerning improper use of substances in our country. The skills and abilities in order to withhold such a position within our country require a ton of responsibility. Not only does a person need to acquire a great sense of investigative skills, but they must also be prepared to deal with major violators of controlled substance laws. The hardest part about being a drug enforcement agent is having to deal with drug gangs and criminals whom are extremely dangerous and intimidating. There are personal reasons as to why becoming a drug enforcement agent is important to me. I have seen people close to me become consumed by drug and have seen them lose complete control of their lives and reality itself. The idea of pursuing a career that can help stop, or rather lessen the amount of drug consumption and violence on the streets makes me want to help my community out, since I couldn’t really help people that were close to me once. The idea of diminishing a portion of society’s malice by implementing my knowledge and skill of a drug enforcement practitioner thrills me. Although becoming a DEA has always been my focus, as I continue my education on criminal justice, I can at any moment have a change of heart. The reason being, there are countless numbers of criminal...
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