Criminal Justice Paper

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Criminal Justice System Paper 1

Criminal Justice System Paper
Jorge Mota
Richard Daniels

Criminal Justice System Paper 2
Criminal Justice System
Criminal justice is concerned with the violation of criminal law and, strictly
interpreted, deals with the enforcement and procedures of criminal law (Schmalleger, 1997). The two aims of the criminal justice system are to control crime and to assure due process. There are three components to the criminal justice system, the police, courts and corrections. There are also three branches of government that interact with the criminal justice system through the nature of the functions that they perform: legislative, executive, and the judicial. The process of the criminal justice system is complicated but can be broken down in sequence; grand jury indictment, the arrest, the initial hearing, the bail hearing, the arraignment, plea negotiations, the trial, the verdict, sentencing and corrections.

The legislative branch is responsible for passing laws that define illegal behavior, setting sentences for violation of the laws and appropriating the money available for correctional operations. The executive branch is responsible for approving the laws passed by the legislators and is also responsible for enforcing the laws. The judicial branch is responsible for interpreting the laws, ruling on lawsuits involving correctional supervision, and granting probation.

The police go beyond the control of crime and protection of society, they have the responsibility for investigating and apprehending individuals that are suspected of criminal acts. The courts are responsible for determining an arrest for delinquent behavior, there are clear roles for the State courts, Federal judiciary system, prosecutors, judges, and other stakeholders. Corrections main purpose is to punish known offenders. Other...

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