Criminal Justice System

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Criminal Justice System
Malika Hamilton
Strayer University
Mark Davis

The criminal justice system is composed of many components, and counter parts. The criminal justice system has the responsibility of obtaining law violators and giving out a reasonable penalty for crimes that are committed. The justice system also has the obligation of protecting the innocent and making sure that offenders are treated fairly. Numerous employees within the system find it demanding and those incriminated find the system discombobulating and intimidating. Criminal justice system according to ( refers to “the collective institutions through which an incriminated offender passes until the incriminations have been disposed of or the assessed penalization concluded.” Each jurisdiction has their own set of laws and therefore own criminal justice system and ways of managing criminal justice process. The criminal justice system has three components: law enforcement, courts, and corrections. The criminal justice system doesn’t make the laws they impose them by apprehending, trying, and penalizing offenders. All three components of the criminal justice system should work closely together to ascertain appropriate and just adjudication of criminal offenders. Crime is defined as “an act or the commission of an act that is verboten by a public law” according to ( Crime and law goes hand in hand, if a crime is committed the law has been broken. According to (brittanicaonline) Police are referred to as “members of a public organization having the licit competence to maintain order and enforce the law.” Law enforcement officers are the first component, and the most visible representative of the civil authority of the government. Government empowers law enforcement officer to compel individual to comply with the law; the sanction officers to stop, search, detain, apprehend, and complete investigation when crimes are committed. . However...

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