Criminal Justice System

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What are the essential functions of the Criminal justice system? 2000 Words

Throughout this assignment I shall outline the structure of the criminal justice system, which is built up, of several different institutions all of which are preventing the growth of social immorality in society and to stop miscarriages of justice. There are a number of essential functions, which the criminal justice system has to perform in order to maintain its position in society so that individuals are safe and are abiding the law. I will then discuss how crime has increased over the years and how the law is enforced in preventing crime as well as reducing crime through the police and crown prosecution service. I am also going to discuss the economic cost of the criminal justice system in deciding whether the agencies are aiming to accomplish the functions of the process by ignoring that financial division. I will go into detail about his later in the assignment. Overall I will be stating if the criminal justice system is performing its essential functions to reduce crime and to provide justice.

is a conduct, which is prosecuted by the state, where networks of criminal justice agencies follow the complex procedures to punish individuals in society. The criminal process is divided into several institutions, which play a key role in building a system, which is ruled by the government. But according to Davies, Croall & Tyrer (2005, pg 8) ‘Criminal justice is about society’s formal response to crime and is defined more specially in terms of a series of decisions and actions taken by a number of agencies in response to a specific crime or crime in general’. The criminal justice system is set with many objectives, which it has to follow to reduce the adverse impact of crime and disorder on people’s lives, and to reduce the economic cost of crime.

Before we can go into detail about the criminal process we must put it into perspective because there are many crimes, which are not recorded or have not come to the attention of the police or the enforcement agencies therefore the criminal justice system cannot really say if crime has reduced due to the high level of hidden crime. Even if crimes were reported only a small number of them are recorded this goes to show that not only figures of crimes recorded by the police may be significantly underestimated but also the amount of crime in society. Ashworth & Redmayne (1998, pg 3) say that ‘the government has now draw attention to what it has labeled ‘the justice gap’ in 2000- 2001, 5.17 million crimes were recorded, but only 19.8 per cent of them resulted in an offender being brought to justice’. This type of criminal justice system is extremely complex. The criminal justice system is divided into four main sections where the law enforcement, the courts, the penal system and crime prevention agencies work together in bringing justice for offenders and victims of crime. But before we can discuss the main functions of the criminal justice system, we need to distinguish between the goals of the system and the functions of the different agencies that make up this system. The criminal justice system has a number of goals that are achieved through the agencies within the system such as public protection, justice and the rule of law, public order, punishment, victim services and public confidence. These aims are to provide a society, which is safe and law abiding.

The government in England and Wales mainly funds the police, the prison services and probation services; many of these services are interlinked with each other in reducing the level of crime. Within the criminal justice system there are many divisions such as the police service, the crown prosecution service, the prisons, the probation service, the criminal defence and the courts. In England and Wales the homes office is responsible for the police force, which we have in the region, the largest police forces have over 26,800...
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