Criminal Justice System

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Criminal Justice System

Criminal Justice System

Criminal justice changes in rules, procedures, and terms from state to state. However, the punishment exercised on criminals cannot vary from the standards established by the United States. A crime is classified as an act that violates the federal laws of America. Consequently, all the violations are subject to different severities of punishment. Crimes in particular can be as minimal as a traffic violation and become as severe as homicide. The severity of the crime will determine the severity of the punishment. The criminal justice system is designed in order to standardize a level of punishment to appropriately fit the crime committed. The criminal justice system is largely affected by constitutional law and has evolved significantly over time. Currently, the criminal justice system maintains itself to helping the process of reprimanding criminals. There are three elements of the system and there all valuable in the criminal justice system. The primary element is the police force. Police officers have the responsibilities to capture criminals, investigate, and testify in court based on what actions were witnessed. In some situations, police officers have the obligation to jail criminals directly from street while they await their trial dates. The second element is the court system. The court system is generally composed of a prosecutor, judge, and suspect who is referred to as the defendant in court. The prosecutor is identified as the officer assigned by the government to prosecute all offenses. The responsibility of the prosecutor is to present the accusations the would justify the defendant as guilty. Consequently, if the prosecutor fails to provide enough evidence or struggles to prove the offender guilty, the defendant is then released from custody. Arraignment is the first process of the trial process. The judge, who acts as the facilitor, reads the charges to the defendant...

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