Criminal Justice System

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Criminal Justice System
Week One Assignment
Loveie Keaton
April 24, 2013
Scott Drissel Jr.

Crime defines as conduct in violation of the criminal laws of a state, the federal government or no legally acceptable justification, or excuse. Schmalleger F. (2008) CRIMINAL JUSTICE (7thEd.). UPPER SADDLE, NJ To me it simplest definition, crime is any specific prohibited by law for our society has provided a formally sanctioned punishment. Also anybody can do a crime but the failure of a person to perform an act specifically required by law. The government structures as it applies to the criminal justice system are to try to keep everything in order and to keep everyone safe in the world. That why we have the order of people for example, a president, governors and mayors.( On the crime justice matters, the higher people have the right to appoint judges and heads of agencies, as police chiefs and directors of departments of corrections. The major components, police, court, and corrections, prevent. There are many theories that people have about the system, but the theories in the American culture are to explain this leap in observed criminality, for an example, suggested that the combination of freedoms and pent up hostilities of the socially and economically deprived worked to produce social disorganization, increased criminality. As I read I can described a criminal justice system consisting of the component agencies of police, courts, and corrections. The American legal system and the people that work for the system they constitute it have shape our legal system to make the understanding of the crime ant justice it is the primary determinants of the nature of contemporary criminal justice system. The goals of the law to are to help and protect human from bad people also to protect human rights for all and to regulate conduct so people can live in harmony. If the system did not have no rules and regulate then...

References: Schmalleger, F. (2008) CRIMINAL JUSTICE (7thEd) UPPER SADDLE, NJ
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