Criminal Justice System

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Retribution, Deterrence, Rehabilitation, and Incapacitation

In the Criminal Justice System there are many different systems that work together to form policies which are created by the Federal Government. These policies are also applied to the state and local systems. There are four major philosophies which pertain to the felonies that have been committed. They are Retribution, Deterrence, Rehabilitation, and Incapacitation. Deterrence is in which people believe the offender should be punished, however, punishments should have some other goal besides “Just Deserts”. Retribution is a philosophy based on the belief that criminals should be punished because they have violated the law. Rehabilitation is the philosophy which is intended to reform a criminal so that they can have a clean slate. The last philosophy, incapacitation, has the role of separating or “segregating” the criminals from society for protection. These four philosophies all have different punishing tactics, but all together they all have important roles in our society today.

The Criminal Justice System has many systems that work together to be functional and just. The Retribution philosophy as stated before is where the society feels that the offender should be punished, however, the offender should have some other goals besides “Just Deserts”. However, there are some disagreements with these four philosophies. Advocates of Retribution argue that punishment is the proper and the just thing to do, regardless of its effectiveness in preventing crime. This also assumes the crime has been committed and that the offender has been discovered. Many people feel like the criminal needs to be locked up for committing the crime instead of have given the opportunity to change. There is a familiar motto most people know that sums up retribution, “You do the crime, you do the time.” There are two key points in dealing with retribution. One is...
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