Criminal Justice System Paper

Topics: Crime, Police, Prison Pages: 2 (436 words) Published: March 14, 2013
Within the criminal justice system there are 3 major sections that the process is broken down into, they all work together doing their part in the process to try to limit, control and convict individuals of crimes. The three sections are divided into law enforcement, courts and corrections. Law enforcement agencies range from city police, sheriff’s office, DPS, and ICE federal agents all the agencies work with the public providing safety to society. Law enforcement agents are responsible for enforcing laws, keeping order and safety, officers attempt to prevent and control crimes. Law enforcement is the first step in the justice system that offenders come in contact with. The next step in the criminal justice system is courts, after offenders are detained they see an initial judge within 48 hours of arrest. The court process includes initial hearing, preconference, pre-trial, trial, and sentencing. The defendant normally has the option to take a plea agreement, and could possibly be giving the option to pay bail if the charges allow. Paying bail does not get the defendant out of the charges, the defendant will complete the court process while out of jail as long he or she follows by the rules of the court and obeys all laws. The court process could involve many different individuals the Judge, District Attorney, Prosecutor, defending attorney, jury, witnesses, and victim. The court process could be completed with it a couple of months to a few years, depending on the severity and complication on the individual case at hand and depending on if the defendant choose to enter a plea of guilty. The final step in the criminal justice system is corrections, during the final step of the court process is sentencing at that point the judge writes the final order for any jail time that will be served. If the defendant did not get released on bail the judge can give the defendant some of his sentence as time served which is normally the amount of time since...
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