Criminal Justice System Paper week 1 paper

Topics: Crime, Criminal law, Criminal justice Pages: 4 (836 words) Published: March 2, 2015
Criminal Justice System Paper
Faletogo Toafia
Christle Sheppard Southhall

When defining crime, there is a lot of different definitions to the term. If I would to interview different people asking for the definition of crime, each individual would come up with a different meaning. All of these meanings can be sum up to one simple definition and it’s all the same but is defined in different words. In my words, a crime is illegal actions that’s been committed that concerns breaking the law. With every crime committed there is consequences. The two most common models that is used by society to determine whether these illegal acts are crimes are due process and crime control. In due process, the rights of the people are being protected. Cases are handled with care so they won’t put away the wrong person. In courts, it is made sure that an individual’s rights are being protected. In crime control, the safety for the community is prioritized. It is made sure that the police officers are properly trained for the job they will presume, which is making the streets are safe and there is less criminals roaming around the streets. Crimes on the streets are usually influenced by rational choice theory. Rational choice theory is when someone makes poor choices to feed their needs making them criminals by committing crimes. Rational choice theory relates to crime because for example, someone on the streets is hungry and has no way of getting food. They decide to steal food from a convenient store and stealing is a crime. To feed their satisfaction of eating, they avoid getting it from the hard way, in which is getting a job and get paid to buy food but they decide to get it the easier way by stealing from a convenient store. Another example of making a rational choice in making them a criminal is when you are very good husband to your wife and one day your wife does something to piss you off and make a rational choice by beating...
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