Criminal Justice Trend Evaluation

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Criminal Justice Trends Evaluation1

Criminal Justice Trends Evaluation

William Bosch


January 28, 2013

Prof. Hazen

Criminal Justice Trends Evaluation2


When society is changing the criminal justice system has always done a good job

to adopt, evolve, and make the necessary adjustment or modification when dealing with

society to identify growing trends. In this assignment the writer will evaluate the past,

present, and future trends surrounding society. In addition, he will discuss the recent and

and future trends and contemporary issues affecting the criminal justice system, and the

value of the criminal justice system in a changing society. A good example off a trend the

criminal justice system has had to comply with and combat at the same time has been the

evolution of technology and how much it has evolve in the last decade.

Past Trend

In the past the criminal justice system focused on the community they were dealing

with. They were more community oriented as well as patrol oriented, law enforcement

officials made it an emphasis to get too know their community and vice versa. They

relied on the community more than ever because they did not have the technology

resources we have today. Law enforcement officers dealt with crime, OC groups, drugs,

murders, fights, robberies, etc. but the trust they were able to gain because they were

involved with the community the citizens where not fearful off the officers. There was a

trust in both the community, law enforcement officials, and the criminal justice system.

Years ago there was no forensic to solve a case like we have today. This made cases much

more difficult to solve and put criminals behind bars for their criminal acts. Technology

was non-existence back then like we have today. Technology makes a huge diffenrence on Criminal Justice Trends Evaluation3

how law enforcement officials go about a case to capture a criminal. In the early 1900’s to

mid 1900’s organize crime groups, prostitution, gambling, prohibition, etc. became a

major problem for the criminal justice system. Corruption began to take over and law

enforcement officials that included judges, lawyers, officers, etc. began to join the

corruption industry and it caused a tsunami of issues with enforcing laws and catching

criminals. The public where witnessing what was going on and had no idea who to trust

or depend on. This cause society to turn on law enforcement and the criminal justice

system as a whole. The public became fearful and could not trust the criminal justice

system or law enforcement officials like they once did. “In the 1960s, for reasons not

entirely understood, the generally downward course that crime rates had been marking

since the 1930s came to an end. Crimes reported to the police rose, the police made more

arrests, lawmakers began passing tougher laws that increased penalties for lawbreaking,

the number of cases prosecuted by the courts increased, the number of people in prisons,

jails, and under probation and parole supervision increased dramatically, and spending by

all levels of government for criminal justice institutions grew. The Federal Government’s

role in the Nation’s efforts to fight crime was also transformed.”(Douglas McDonald Peter


Present Trend

Today with the evolution of technology the criminal justice system doesn’t just

the same crime they have seen for centuries rapes, robberies, murders, drug trafficking,

Criminal Justice Trends Evaluation4

OC groups, etc. with the evolution of technology cyber crime has increased rapidly over

the past decade. This crime alone is making the job of law enforcement officers and the

criminal justice system much more difficult, dangerous, and time...

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