Criminal Justice Trends

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Criminal Justice Trends Evaluation
A number of past, present, and future trends exist in regard to the interface between components of the criminal justice system and criminal justice connections with surrounding society. Conducting an analysis of each of these trends provides an understanding of the value of the criminal justice system and also how it adapts to an ever-changing society. Law enforcement agencies can make predictions for the future of the criminal justice system by placing an emphasis on the developments of the system over the past few decades. Past, Present, and Future Trends

In the late twentieth century, a number of so called, “forgotten figures” struggled for an identity and also for equality. Women’s liberation movements began to portray the manner in which the criminal justice system viewed men who committed crimes to include sexual assault as punishments were minimal or at times perhaps even nonexistent for the crime. The media also rarely acknowledged women who were victims of sexual assault, those of which also had to where to turn to for support or refuge. African Americans, gays, and also soldiers are others who struggled with finding an identity in society hence also within the criminal justice system. During the 1960s, victims’ rights movements began addressing those issued faced by these groups as the criminal justice system often overlooked the needs of each. Each group’s voice was believed not to be heard and at times each was also treated much differently than those who were not of minority by the system. Toward the end of the twentieth century the Victims’ Bill of Rights was passed in 22 states, allowing victims to have a voice hence express their view during courtroom proceeding, during sentencing, and also during parole. Other laws, acts, and policies were also implemented as a prohibition of unfair treatment for all members of society. The criminal justice system continues to expand policies and laws to protect society of...
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