Criminal Law

Topics: Criminal law, Police, Crime Pages: 3 (1269 words) Published: August 6, 2013
Criminal Law
Every situation is different when the police make an arrest or are encountered with anyone who is claiming that a crime has occurred. There are basic principles involved where criminal law is concerned. Whether these are crimes or a civil action depends on the type of situation that has occurred. What are these principles in criminal law? Are there any civil liabilities? In the criminal justice system, criminal law is its foundation. It determines the conduct in which a police officer can make a potential arrest, court trials, and prison incarcerations. Criminal law branches out and covers a wide range of crimes and laws. Criminal laws make it clear what will happen if an individual breaks the law and what they can expect their punishment to be (Lippman, 2007). In this case, Officer Jones was working the midnight shift with his patrol area being a crime ridden community. He was in uniform walking his beat around 2:00 am when a female walked up to him and said she had been beaten and robbed. Her shirt was soaked in blood due to a cut on her lip and head. She gave Officer Jones a description of the perpetrator and said that she was unable to tell whether it was a male or female due to the ski mask they were wearing. She was also unable to give a description as to the individual’s race or ethnicity. But, she was able to tell the officer that the person was 5’8” and was carrying a gun. The woman’s wallet was stolen and the perpetrator ran off with it. At this point, Officer Jones decided to call for back-up as well as emergency medical professional to attend to the woman ("Scenario: Criminal Law", 2013). In this situation, there are two alleged crimes that were committed; assault and battery. Even though, in criminal law, one tends to see these two charges together. However, they each have their own definition and can be different from one state to another. Assault is defined as “an attempt to injure to someone else and in some circumstances can include...

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