Criminal Law

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Criminal Law
Criminal Law is an extremely controversial subfield of law. Crime is behavior or activities that have been forbidden by the government. . The reasons why Criminal law is so controversial are is the substance or what makes up a crime and also the procedures that are taken to deprive the accused of their life, liberty and property. The general principles of Criminal Law have been around for centuries. On the other hand, however the definitions of the elements of crimes are different state to state and over time the change to meet the changing needs of new times and different places. Criminal Law has followed the three step analysis of criminal liability. I. Criminal Conduct (criminal act, criminal intent, concurrence and causation) II. Justification (

III. Excuse
Presumption of innocence and proving Criminal liability describes the rules and principles of the U.S. criminal procedure. The general principles of criminal law are propositions that apply to more than one crime. Some of them apply to all crimes. The special part of criminal law defines specific crimes, according to the principals set out in the general part. The definitions of crimes are divided into four groups I. Crimes against persons

II. Crimes against property
III. Crimes against public order and morals
IV. Crimes against the state
The definitions of specific crimes consist of the elements prosecutors have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt to convict. Every definition of a specific crime is an application of one or more general principals.

Criminal Liability is the behavior that deserves criminal punishment, it is the conduct that unjustifiably and inexcusably inflicts or threatens harm to a person or threatens public interests. Those words “Conduct that unjustifiably and inexcusably inflictor threatens harm to a person or public interest” are the building blocks to the whole criminal law system and punishment. The United States has almost a...
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