Criminal Rehabilitation Proposal

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Criminal Rehabilitation: What is it and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

Criminal rehabilitation: What is it and what are its advantages and disadvantages?Pg. 1


I propose to research the subject matter of Criminal Rehabilitation. What is criminal rehabilitation and what are the advantages and disadvantages of it? I hope to define, through the research I complete, what criminal rehabilitation is, as well as, the advantages and disadvantages that come with its practice. Included in this proposal will be an explanation of why I chose these particular questions and how the information on such will be beneficial to myself to know. Also it will contain my goals in researching criminal rehabilitation¸ the sources I intend to use¸ as well as, the methods I will be using to answer such questions. My limitations both personally and scientifically in researching these questions will also be contained and the expected outcomes of my research.

Criminal rehabilitation: What is it and what are its advantages and disadvantages?Pg. 2

There are a couple different reasons I have chosen to research criminal rehabilitation and its advantages and disadvantages. Primarily these questions were chosen in hopes to benefit myself in my chosen degree. I am pursuing Bachelors in Criminal Justice. Secondly, these questions touch close to home for me personally; as I have a parent currently incarcerated who, after twenty years behind bars, is being released next year from a federal penitentiary.

The sources I will be using in obtaining my information will be those of the psychological kind including, journal articles, books, and web resources. I am also hoping to include an interview of some sort with a person’s knowledgeable with criminal rehabilitation.

I have many concerns regarding the rehabilitation of criminals and the likelihood of recidivism, a tendency to return to criminal behavior, on released prisoners. I am constantly worried about...
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