Criminals Are Wicked and Deserve Punishment

Topics: Sociology, Prison, Crime Pages: 1 (379 words) Published: December 24, 2012
No man takes birth as a criminal. Their circumstances force them to do what their heart never wills. Their circumstances can be anything it can be due to poverty, ailments or shortage of food. As in the drama bishops candlesticks the convict steals to save his wife from suffering which he never wanted to do. But there was no way other than stealing. But after stealing as by his luck he was caught. And the punishment given to him was too big for his shoes. This was just an example. Imagine how many people in this world would be suffering like this. Instead of understanding the pros and cons of the prisoner he is chained and whipped behind the bars. After a great suffering in the jail they just convert the criminals into a wild beast. Criminals are also human beings and they need to be consulted. No man is born great and no man is a criminal. They want to get wok but there is no employment for them because of shortage of wealth. Society should treat them like normal people. They should be consulted and given a job. People are the futures. People should change the world. IN this generation by stealing or by lazing around there is no escape. They have to be preached in a certain manner.

By these I conclude that criminals aren’t wicked and do not deserve punishment.

We can leave even 1000 criminals to escape but nowhere should one innocent be prosecuted a) To assume that criminals are wicked and accordingly deserve punishment is wrong. Criminals are the products of the society they live in. They take to crime under unavoidable circumstances like extreme poverty. So, it is an injustice to punish criminals. The conditions for committing crimes are induced by the society that instigates people to commit crimes. b) There are several instances to show that criminals can be reformed. They are as normal as other human beings and are sensitive to sympathy and benevolence. c) We are no longer in a primitive society. So, giving punishment to the criminals is not in tune...
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