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Topics: Criminal law Pages: 4 (1170 words) Published: September 21, 2015
1. Uniform Crime Report: catalog containing statistics of crime 2. National Crime Victimization Survey: survey of statistics taken by victims. Does not gather for a homicide; data on victimization 3. Nolo Contendere: legal term meaning “I do not wish to contend” or a plea of no contest. 4. Ex Post Facto: “After the fact” Law must be on the books at the time of the act. Punishment must also be on the books at the time of the act (unless new punishment is less severe) Kind of evidence required for a conviction must also be on the books at the time of the act 5. Rule of Law: (US justice based on this) Our laws are based on rules and principles that stand day to day. 6. Legal Impossibility:

7. Conspiracy: When two or more people agree to do an unlawful act (or) when two people agree to commit a lawful act in an unlawful way (Example: getting your stereo from your ex girlfriend’s house by breaking in, and then never committing the act) 8. Malice aforethought: used to distinguish murder from manslaughter; this phrase indicates that the crime of murder is a deliberate, premeditated, and willingly killing another human being. 9. Intent: Intent to commit a crime. Must prove intent. (Mens Rea) How to prove intent: threats- use to show what intent was; confession; facts of the case (example: shot 16 times) 10. Different Stages of a Criminal Case:

Has to be a law in the books so people van see it
Must have some investigation
Then it is decided whether they will arrest you or not
After the arrest, you will have first appearance (bail is set) Then, preliminary hearing in front of Magistrate; only ot prove probable cause (do they have facts?) Must have evidence Must establish jurisdiction

Lawyers will try to plea-bargain. (most of the time this ends with a guilty plea) 11. Diversion:
12. Code of the Hammurabi: defines crimes, punishments, civil actions, and remedies for them. They are the oldest set of laws (older than the Bible). 13. Magna Carta: established by the...
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