Cyberbullying schould be a criminal offence PRO

Topics: Crime, Mobile phone, Abuse Pages: 2 (361 words) Published: June 7, 2014
Bullying is already an offence in 44 states, so why shouldn’t cyber bullying be? It is just as bad if not, worse. With bullying, the person can see the person that is bullying them and can easily identify them so they could be punished. There is also a restraining order. With cyber bullying the person can be bullied from across the country. While it’s possible to trace the perpetrator, they could be long gone or could have been using a public computer. Therefore the bully will not be punished unless it is illegal.

Harassment, a major act of bullying, is a crime. Therefore bullying is a crime and by the default, cyber bullying should be a crime. There are many examples to show that bullying is a crime. Since bullying is a crime, and cyber bullying is just bullying on an electronic device, cyber bullying should be a criminal offence.

Cyber bullying should be a criminal offence because it is inhuman. Everyone has heard of cases where young teens are killing themselves because they were being bullied whether it was on the internet or not. Cyber bullying should not go unpunished. The perpetrator is essentially a murderer. You cannot possibly say that it is okay to drive someone to suicide.

Criminalizing cyber bullying would prevent more people not to do it. If we criminalize cyber bullying, it would decrease the number of people who do it, because they know that there is the possibility of them getting in trouble for it and possibly going to jail. For example, before the laws about using cell phones while driving in 2007 were passed, pretty much everyone occasionally used their cell phone, even though they knew it wasn't the best idea. But, after the cell phone laws passed, less and less people use their cell phones while they're driving, because they know there's a consequence for it. The same idea applies here. If you know that there's a chance you could get in trouble for cyber bullying someone, then you're going to be less tempted to do it. The risk...
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