David Parker Ray

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David Parker Ray was born on November 6, 1939 and died May 28, 2002. David was suspected to be a serial killer and well-known torture killer of many women, although no bodies were ever recovered. David was eventually discovered when many of his accomplices came forward with accusations regarding the murder of around eight women. On top of these known victims, police also believe that Ray may be responsible for the murders of up to sixty women near and around Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. Ray had a very disturbed and violent childhood. Many have speculated that this was the road that led him to his life of torture and murder. Ray resided with his grandparents. While still occasionally seeing his father, he was physically abused each and every time. While he was attending school he made very poor grade, and was often teased for being shy around females. Many of his educational downfalls were thought to be brought on by the passing of his Grandmother which split him and his sister up. David eventually graduated high school and spent much of his time participating in illicit drug use and a strong habit of consuming alcohol. He later enlisted in the military.

1.Ray’s Murders
Ray tortured and murdered all of the female victims in a homemade torture facility he named "toy box". The chamber contained many objects that he personally named and felt to be his friends. The contents of his friends consisted of chains, pliers, pulleys, clamps, whips, knives, chainsaws, hack saws, and other miscellaneous torture devices. These tools were the essence of his killing persona and allowed him to victimize women in and around Truth or Consequences for many years. Within the devious, and dark room where so much pain had been ensued sex toys, torture implementation devices, and video and audio recording devices were recovered by the FBI. Although much of this is highly disturbing Ray also created his own diagrams showing how, and where to inflict the most...
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