Descriptive/Narrative (the Definition of Poverty

Topics: Poverty, Poverty reduction, Old age Pages: 6 (1737 words) Published: April 29, 2013
Calvin Trahan
English 0310 rough draft
I. The definition of poverty
1. Example (homeless people)
2. The type of poverty it is
3. A description of it
4. My reaction or thoughts
II. Another form of poverty
1. Example(government assisted people)
2. A description of how it works
3. A description of why it would be considered poverty
4. A reason why it could be positive which leads to another example of poverty III. Middle class poverty living
1. A description as to what society see as to how that person lives 2. An overview of the money made by a middle class citizen 3. A description of the amount of money that’s spent
4. The debt incurred by a middle class citizen
5. What makes this middle class citizen poverty stricken
IV. Another form or class of poverty(the elderly)
1. A scenarios of how the elderly easily ends up in poverty 2. Their financial woes
3. Their income
4. Something they would do to prevent living on the streets or in extreme poverty 5. Why I would consider this poverty
V. Conclusion
1. Reiterate the thesis
2. Reference a definition of poverty from paragraph #2
3. Reference the definition of poverty from paragraph #3
4. Show how the many examples of poverty explain that poverty does have many shapes and forms 5. Closing statement

Shauntelle Jones
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Houston, Tx. 77069
To Whom It Many Concern: Peer Analysis

1. The maid idea of the essay in opinion is poverty and its different effects on society. 2. The writer’s purpose is to inform society on the definition of poverty and the different types of poverty and how it affects us as a society. 3. The writer’s target audience is geared toward individuals who are in a poverty stricken situation and those who are in the stage and unaware of how it can later effect their future.

4. The unanswered questions that baffle me are the following: “Where are your sources?” , and what facts do you have that support your thesis? 5. The details definitely support the thesis. Details are about the definition of poverty and the effects on our society. 6. The sentence fluency consists of simple sentences. The paper is definitely in need of more compound and complex sentence structured sentences. 7. The strengths of the paper are that the details are detailed enough to support the thesis. The second strength is that the paper appeals to the audience in a realistic way to bring life to the subject matter of poverty. 8. The weaknesses that I see that apparent in the paper are that they are no proven evidence of those facts presented and there is definitely weak word choice and sentence structure.

Calvin Trahan

The true definition of poverty is to be financially burdened. That’s why poverty has many shapes and forms, some that are visible and others that can be hidden very easily. Most people would imagine poverty to be a person living on the street begging for change. Now that’s an extreme version of poverty, but I can’t forget that many of those people often choose to live on the streets, because of their dislike of rules and regulations. Others live that way due to addictions, as well as mental and emotional issues. In my writing I will give examples of the various forms and shapes of poverty. I have lived in poverty myself, but many would say otherwise due to what they saw.

Those that didn’t choose to live on the streets, but may have fallen upon hard times had to have come from a middle class or upper class living condition. I use to believe that having a job, a home, and a car meant you were doing well. Now I realize that that’s not true, because I can have those things and live in the projects receiving government assistance. The government pays the rent and utilities, plus issues a card for food and a small cash allowance. Now the real question is, is that poverty, because those that receive the benefits have...
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