Difference Between Civil and Criminal Law

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This assignment will consider the differences in Civil and Criminal law. It will explain the roles of solicitors, Barristers, Judges and Magistrates. It will also critically look at the features of the European Court of Human Rights

4Civil law is a private law.it settles matters between two individuals and organisations. It still has the roman standard in many countries because it was originated from the Roman law. The end result is mostly damages in civil law. Example of civil cases includes Donoghue v Stevenson [1993] where Donoghue sued Stevenson for damages of £500 for drinking contaminated ginger beer which had negative effect on his health, Millar v Taylor (17690) is another example of civil case

5Criminal law considers crimes committed against the crown ( R ). [6] “Government identifies and criminalises behaviour that is considered wrong, damaging to individuals through criminal law” Jacqueline Martin and Chris Turner define crime as [7] a conduct forbidden by the state. when a conduct is regarded by the state as being criminal, there is always a punishment attached to it”. i.e. murder and theft. Example of criminal case includes R v Wilson (1994) and R v Brown (1991) where R stands for the Crown or the State. Criminal law was made to protect organisations, individuals, the society and their properties. They are also made to punish offenders. The aim of sentencing offenders also include reparation, incapacitation, deterrence and reformation

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Criminal law is drafted by the government. It is made by the crown ( R ) and passed by Parliament before it goes to the monarch for “rubber-stumping” as law. (This process is known as ‘Royal Assent’). Offenders are prosecuted by the Crown when they...
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