Difference between civl and criminal law

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Describe and analise the differences between Civil Law and Criminal Law

There are many differences between Civil Law and Criminal Law. A person who believe that someone committed a crime contact the police, the police after investigating and interviewing the case if the person is found guilty, a report of the case is then sent to the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS). If the CPS believes that the case has a prospect of achievement it will start criminal proceeding against the suspect, who then becomes the Defendant in the case. In court the CPS burden of proving that the Defendant committed a crime. Offenses such as speeding are considering minor and are heard by the Magistrates’ Courts. England and Wales have their own Magistrates Courts where cases are heard by three magistrates. Magistrates do not need any degree or qualification and they do not state reasons for their decisions, however they are advised by a Clerk who is a qualified lawyer. However if the send to can prosecute the process should be speedy as the liberty of the subject is involved. Any Criminal Act is on the Prosecution; Standard of proof is beyond reasonable doubt. Jury is always used in the Crown Court never in Magistrates. Deals with offenses which are regarded in the public as wrong against the state and are therefore punished by the state if found guilty by the offense. A crime must be alleged by the police and must be prosecuted by the police. There are a lot of ways of punishment for going against the Law such as: fines, community sentences and imprisonment. A Crime is any act or omission of an act in violation of a public Law. In the Criminal Law the Criminal procedure rules determine the way that a criminal case is taken through the Criminal Court. The rules apply in all magistrates’ courts, Crowed Court, Supreme Court and Criminal Court. The purpose of systems is to punish criminals and protect society by maintaining law and order. Compensation may also be awarded to an individual...
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