Disadvanges of Being Black in America

Topics: Unemployment, African American, Welfare Pages: 10 (3582 words) Published: September 14, 2013
Kimesha Miller
English 102
Elizabeth Goldfarb

Argosy University

This dissertation examines the negative economic effects on African Americans in the United States. Statistics and studies aim to prove that African Americans have been and continue to be at the US national bottom percentile academically and in unemployment. Also, that government assistance has more harm than good by contributing to the collapse of the African American community and family structure ( ie. Man in the House Rule). With the use of statistics and history, information has been found to t supports theories that welfare is keeping African American families apart and poor. In the end I evidence will show that many African Americans are not given the same opportunity as most Americans educationally, financially and economically.

The United States population as of 2010 was 307,000,000. Out of 307,000,000 people less than 13% (49,000,000) of them are African American. According to United States census and the AFDC ( Aid to Families with Dependent Children), statistics say that out of 49,000,000 black people that live in America, 39.8% of the African-Americans are on welfare; that is about 20,000,000 African-Americans or, close to half the of African American population(US Census Bureau, 2010). The economy today has made it hard for many families to make it ends meat, especially for African Americans. Government assistance was formulated to help these families make it though these rough times. For those who are jobless and have children, the government has provided living arrangements so that families can move in and not live on the streets. With the help of EBT or food stamps and TANF families are able to purchase food for free and are given a monthly living allowance to assist with minor living expenses. This sounds great for a person on the outside looking in, unfortunately, for many African Americans government assistance is the way for them to survive. Many people believe that African Americans are lazy and that they have allowed welfare to become a way of life; they rely so much on welfare that they are refusing to find alternate means of making a living. However, many African Americans would be living on the streets if government assistance hasn’t stepped in. Because of the economy, many African Americans are living just above the poverty level and although it sounds nice that welfare is able to keep blacks off the street, it is still instituting the same principles that where set back in 1800 which were to keep black families separated. The economy has had a devastating effect on Africans Americans wither it be jobs or dealing with social security. Moreover while government assistance helps all who receive it, with the failing economy’s current state, it is beginning to have a greater negative influence on many inner city African American families than any other ethnic group. To understand how government assistance has a negative influence on blacks, the history of welfare must be examined.

Welfare and living assistance roughly began around 1935 with the assistance of President Franklin D. Roosevelt. He established a few programs which would help people who where unemployed. SSA (Social Security Act), as well as the AFDC which was later changed to Aid to Dependent Children (ADC), are two major programs that where developed to assist people and still exist today. After the birth of the SSA and ADC many other programs where developed to compliment the welfare program. Some of the organizations that contribute to welfare are: “Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), the Department of Labor, the Department of Agriculture, and the Department of Education. (US Welfare System - Help for US Citizens , 2011)”...
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