Discovering the Truth Doe.

Topics: Criminal law, Jury, Crime Pages: 2 (468 words) Published: July 9, 2012
Discovering The Truth Vs. Promoting Justice
There are many goals to the criminal adjudication system. Between discovering the truth and promoting justice, I have the reason to believe that, promoting justice is more important. The reason why I believe that, this is more of an important goal is because promoting justice will bring everyone together as an equal society. Without an equal society the criminal adjudication process would be simply unfair. This is why I believe that promoting justice is a more important goal than discovering the truth.

For a fact, if there wasn’t a goal of promoting justice criminal trials would certainly be segregated. This would make criminal cases much easier for the lighter skinned to win trials. Now don’t get me wrong, discovering the truth is also a very important goal. But, the truth will always come out at the end of a case. There are three steps of a criminal justice system. The First step is the Investigation process. During this process, law officials must gain enough evidence to make an arrest. There are three types of evidence, Demonstrative, Testimonial and circumstantial evidence.

If the Law Official can gain enough evidence, he can gain a warrant for an arrest. After the individual is arrested, he would be brought to the police station and placed in the book (police records). Then, they would have to take fingerprints and photographs of the suspect. Also, the officer must then fill out a complaint and send it over to the assistant district attorney (prosecutor), where then the prosecutor sees if the officer had sufficient evidence to support the claim. If there is enough evidence then the adjudication process would begin.

As, the adjudication process begins, the first step is arraignment. He or she will later place a plea of guilty or not guilty, and if the defendant pleads not guilty, then the next step would be the bail determination. But if he pleads guilty, and if the charge is a misdemeanor, the court will...
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