Domestic Violence

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Domestic Violence
Brookann Morse
Eagle Gate College

Domestic violence occurs everywhere in every state by both men and women. Some states have a mandatory arrest policy for domestic violence, and some states police have to make a good judgment calls on to whether the abuser will go to jail or not. Utah does have a mandatory arrest policy when probable cause is present.

Domestic Violence
Utah code for domestic violence is as follows:
Utah Code Ann. § 77-36-2.2
(2)(a) “when a peace officer responds to a domestic violence call and has probable cause to believe that an act of domestic violence has been committed, the peace officer shall arrest without a warrant or shall issue a citation to any person that the peace officer has probable cause to believe has committed an act of domestic violence. (b)(i) If the peace officer has probable cause to believe that there will be continued violence against the alleged victim, or if there is evidence that the perpetrator has either recently caused serious bodily injury or used a dangerous weapon in the domestic violence offense, the officer shall arrest and take the alleged perpetrator into custody, and may not utilize the option of issuing a citation under this section.” When coming down to the law the peace officers will make the official call if it is domestic violence or not. When someone has become and abuser and commits domestic violence they normally do it again. Utah’s prosecutors and judges determine how harsh the punishment will be for multiple offenders. They take their criminal record into consideration while determining the punishment for domestic violence. Having harsher punishment for domestic violence I think will deter the crime in general. I think that Utah should have a law for multiple offenders that if they do it again it’s should be so many years in jail depending on how bad the domestic violence is. They should also have mandatory counseling that they have...

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