Donatos: Finding the New Pizza Discussion Questions

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Donatos: Finding the New Pizza Case Discussion Questions
1. Map the research design used by Donatos for new product development.

Donatos started its research-based product development process to determine that the low-carb craze was no fad. The process starts with is developing the product prototype, followed by employee taste testing, concept screens (where participants, usually in a central location, are shown photographs of food products, and then queried about the item’s uniqueness, brand fit, price attractiveness, and the likelihood of purchase if the product were available), and ultimately in-restaurant tests in two or more restaurants within the chain. In-restaurant tests also include participants completing a self-administered intercept survey or, for delivery customers, a callback phone survey.

2. Evaluate the Wassup meetings as an exploratory methodology to help define the research question.

According to Cooper’s Business Research Methods, the exploratory phase of the research process uses information to expand understanding of the management dilemma, look for ways others have addressed and/or solved problems similar to the management dilemma or management question, and gather background information on the topic to refine the research question. Exploration of the problem is accomplished through familiarization with the available literature, interviews with experts and other individual depth interviews, and group discussion or some combinations of these. (p.122) Donatos monitors its monthly Wassup Meetings, where each employee brings knowledge of an element from popular culture and explains its affect on Donatos. Source:

1. The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. (2011). Business Research Methods (11th Edition). New York, NY: McGraw-Hill/Irwin Publishing Co.
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