Dui/Dwi Laws in California

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DUI/DWI Laws in California
If you are accused of a DUI / DWI charge and you are in California then consider yourself to be in real trouble, it is enough to turn you live life around. Moreover if you do not know what to do immediately, you may lose the driver’s license forever. So you must be aware of your rights and you also know the whole process which you may face you you are accused of such a charge. A professional criminal defense attorney having experience in protecting the rights of DUI / DWI clients can protect the rights and can prevent any sort of unjust charge or accusation. If you are arrested you are supposed to take a blood, breath or urine test. You must also know facts and figures which may cause trouble for you if you are found with more concentration then required in your body. The test is supposed to measures your blood alcohol concentration (BAC). Illegal limits are: * 0.04% and above for taxi drivers and other commercial driver license (CDL) holders. * 0.01% and above for those younger than 21 and those on probation for a DUI * 0.08 and above for others

DUI / DWI charge in California state results in a registration of a case in two separate departments: In court, and at the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). As far as seriousness is concerned, both cases are equally important but the later one is far more time-sensitive. The accused have only 10 days from the date of their DUI / DWI charge date to request a hearing with the DMV. Anyone who is arrested for DUI or DWI in California but fails to apply for hearing within 10 days should consider his or her driver's license suspended automatically after 30 days following arrest. The criminal case filed against California DUI / DWI defendants consists of two different statutes: California Vehicle Code Section 23152(A), and Vehicle Code Section 23152(B). The first one has a bit greater scope and you can be in violation of this section if you were under the influence of alcohol any kind...
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