Dwellings: a Spiritual History of the Living World

Topics: Martial arts, Jupiter, World Pages: 2 (755 words) Published: August 21, 2013
Linda Hogan’s Dwellings; Essay

In Dwellings: A Spiritual History of the Living World. Linda Hogan hints in her essays and stories that our modern world has lost its connection with nature and that we have lost respect for the earth, or have gone against nature in general. Linda Hogan’s writings imply that the world is “out of balance”. She even says “The broken link between us and the rest of the world grows too large…” (130). I am in total disagreement with her claims.

I don’t agree with Linda Hogan’s perspective or ideas on this matter. I believe that humanity as a whole has never been so close with nature that today’s modern world. I think we continually grow closer to earth and nature. Today all of our advancements in technology incorporate earth’s raw materials and nature in general. From making products with raw and composite materials to genetic and biological engineering. We work closely with nature and ways to understand and alter it for the greater good of humanity and for Earth itself. We also go to great lengths to take care of earth from harmful threats. If we didn’t look closely at nature and Earth we would not have learned such knowledge to create such incredible breakthroughs in technology. Everything comes from earth and nature. However we also do the Earth harm either intentionally or unintentionally. Pollution and global warming have posed great threats to Earth and nature, as well as humanity. Recently we have been working more than usual to fix these problems and make it better. Linda Hogan herself tries to separate herself from the rest because of her culture and heritage, but she also is as guilty as the rest of us.

Linda Hogan writes in her essays that she uses modern technology. She uses a telephone, drives an automobile, and has access to a television set. Automobiles hurt the earth by releasing harmful gases and chemicals into the atmosphere; it pollutes and contributes to global warming. Yet Hogan takes part in this....
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