Education and Unforgettable Experience

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Unforgettable Experience
I still remember my first day of school in USA. It’s an unforgettable experience that I will always remember. In 2001 my family and I moved to USA, Arizona from India for better life and education. I was placed at 6th grade elementary school. First day of school for any student can be hard, but even hard for a student who doesn’t speak a word of English. Now, what made my first day of school so unforgettable was how I had to find my class, how I had to introduce myself to my new classmates, and how I tried to understand what the teacher was trying to teach.

Reading a map and navigating the class location is quite hard for a 6th grader. Specially, for a student that’s in a new country and a new school like myself. I got off the bus and I have my school map on my hand trying to find where my class is. I am running one way to another holding my heavy backpack. Accidently, I ran into a girl. We both fell hard to the ground. I quickly got up and helped her pick her stuff up and apologized. Funny to say I knew how to say sorry from watching movies, I said sorry to her but I didn’t understand a word she was saying to me and she didn’t seem quite happy. I understood from her facial expressions that she was cursing me and the students around were laughing out loud. Then, a nice lady teacher name Mrs. Smith came and I showed her my class number. Somehow, she understood that I needed help. So she helped me to my class after that embarrassing scene.

Now everyone knows first day of school is about the teacher introducing themselves, going over the class rules and every student introducing their self to the class. My teacher name Mrs. McDonalds started with talking about herself and also, about what we were going to do that school year. After her it was the students turn, one by one each student stood up and said their name. They told the class about their interests and favorite things to do. I am nervously looking around trying to figure...
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