Education in America

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Delprøve 1A)
1. Normally students look forward to go back to school after the summer holidays. There’s missing ing-form in go. It should be going back to school. 2. According to Michelle Obama is education important when you want to plan your own career. Is and education are misplaced and should be swapped.

3. President Obama, which wife has now joined his efforts to improve education, wants the US to have the highest percentage of college graduates by 2020. Which is referred to an object, and therefore which has to be replaced with whose. These are the so called relative pronouns. 4. How much you earn throughout life depends large on your success in school and your education. Large has to be replaced with much. Large is an adjective.

5. A high proportion of American students earn a bachelors degree. The apostrophe is placed before the s to show singular possession. Bachelor’s. 6. The US universities should could help turn around the situation. There are two verbs next to each other, and could should be erased. 7. A low standard of education will result in that American companies cannot compete globally.

8. There was many good points in the speech made by the First Lady. Was should be replaced with were, because many is plural.
Delprøve 1B)
1. The First Lady told the students about Princeton.
The students were told about Princeton by the First Lady.
2. The goals of the program reflect the First Lady’s own life. The goals of the program are reflected by the First Lady’s own life. 3. Employers have hired more than 700,000 bachelor’s holders. More than 700.000 bachelor’s holders were hired by Employers. 4. Teachers and educators will assist Obama in achieving his 2020 plan. Obama will be assisted by teachers and educators in achieving his 2020 plan. Delprøve 1C)

I hver af nedenstående sætninger er der understreget forskellige pronomener (stedord). Forklar i hvert enkelt tilfælde, hvorfor netop dette pronomen (stedord) er valgt.  1. JPMorgan Chase employs nearly 270,000 people, each of whom plays an important role in the success of the firm. “Whom” is used because it’s referring to the object of a verb. It would for example be wrong to be saying each of they, and not each of them. 2. This is an issue of vital economic importance, and it has clear ramifications for employers who could find it increasingly difficult to access talent in the coming years. Employers are humans and therefore are subjects, which is the reason who is used. 3. Fortunately, there are companies that understand this reality and realize that they are well-positioned to make a difference on this issue by working with nonprofits, policymakers, and other partners. Omitting that would lead to misunderstanding, but both using or omitting it would be correct, but understand should be edited to understanding if to omit that. 4. But she has also been derided by critics who hoped she would use her historic position to move more deeply into policy. “Critics” is not a living thing and can therefore not be referred to who, and should be replaced by which. 5. Hopefully, the 2020 plan will give opportunities which will benefit young students. “Which” is used because “opportunities” is not a living thing. 6. Apparently, too many people who enroll at university fail to graduate which pushes down the graduation rate. The graduation rate is not a living thing, therefore “which” is used.

Delprøve 1D)
Delprøve 1d 

Du vil gerne søge optagelse på California State University for at studere International Business Communication. Du skriver derfor en e-mail til universitetet for at høre om optagelseskrav, pensum, undervisningsafgifter samt indkvarteringsmuligheder. 

Skriv e-mailen på engelsk og brug alle de nedenstående ord og vendinger. 

Ordene/vendingerne skal bruges som de står, men du må gerne ændre på rækkefølgen og skrive dem med stort begyndelsesbogstav. I din besvarelse skal du understrege de anvendte ord og vendinger. 

Omfang: 50-100 ord ...
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