Enrollment System

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Team Members:

Ma. Cecilia F. Esguerra
Project Manager/Programmer

Sherwyn L. Narciso
Assistant Programmer

Warren Kacey D. Pangan
Quality Analyst

Jeff G. Cabrera
System Analyst

Software Adviser
Mrs. Lilibeth T. Cuison

June 29 2013

Chapter 1

Enrollment is the focus of the Compfuturist that would lessen the institution’s difficulties in their Information System processing, solve data problems and an easier access of the establishment’s information. Every enrollment, 80-100 enrollees come for the dates of admission having a maximum of 30 for each level, in present time classrooms are consist of 15 students. An easier recording of files and a database to save documents will lessen the space being occupied by the records of the students. A faster transaction, easier ways for inputting datum and a convenient ways for saving files are offered for the use of the establishment by the enrolment system. The commonly used advertisements of schools are brochures, leaflets, banners and calling cards; the group also offers a website that will be used to improve its approach to people. The website would be a help for parents about the notice or updates of events and gatherings, it would also be a way to know the history of the institution and the contact details of the establishment.

The incomplete requirements are the main problems during the enrollment, one of which is the student information, some of the information needed is not filled up and some are important to the school records. In the Pre-School it is required for them to have the copy of their birth certificate, two (2) copies of a 2x2 photo and an interview with the Pastor or Principal. For the grade-schoolers a photocopy of the birth certificate, the form 138, a certificate of Good Moral Character for transferee and an interview with the Pastor or Principal. Due to the uninformed people about the requirements needed some are not brought and are filed to be uncompleted forms.

Each student has a folder that contains his or her information about the birth certificates, previous records from the earlier institution he or she attended, the quality point average for each year and also the permits signed by the parents. Enrollment takes time and effort from the parents, students and also from the teachers; every step of an enrolment, a teacher is assigned to instruct a parent or guardian what to do and where to go next. The slow process of enrolment makes the parents furious and makes the job even harder for the teachers for them to rush, that sometimes some records are not being filed or are not properly assigned. Missing documents are also a cause of problem for the institution, it might be placed to another folder or the parent forgot about it. A school’s updates about events and gatherings are the problems for teachers and parents. Students forget to tell their guardians or forgot to give the letter accustomed by their advisers. The result of the forgotten events cause students not to wear the proper attire, parents does not attend meetings and gatherings, students are thought to be absent for specific happenings and also parents become indignant about the unknown proceedings. Project Framework

The Compfuturist Group offers the instituion. a system and a website that would shoulder the difficulties of the institution. The school appoints teachers to handle the student information during the enrollment. Software that is specially made only for Mabalacat Christian Academy and a website that would help the advertisement of the school increase. The system can only be open by an authorized member or the principal of the institution. Passwords and accounts would be made for the privacy policy made by the institution to safeguard each student’s information and background.

The Student Information Sheet or Form would consist of the basic details about his or her family, previous schools the child attended,...
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