essay on criminal forgiveness

Topics: O. J. Simpson, Crime, Prison Pages: 4 (1268 words) Published: January 22, 2014
Criminal forgiveness:
Not all criminals are the same; they all have different stories and reasoning’s as to why they are in trouble with the law in the first place. In some cases these criminals are being accused for something they didn’t intentionally do, have been wrongly accused of a crime, or they just simply were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Of course all criminals don’t deserve forgiveness but there are criminals who aren’t real criminals that would never commit another crime again, and do deserve a second chance and forgiveness. All people do bad things and make wrong choices but everyone deserves to be forgiven, even if they are a criminal.

Firstly, for those people who get thrown in jail or prison for something they didn’t intentionally do should be forgiven because everyone makes mistakes. For instance, if a man was driving down a road on a snowy day and loses control of the car and accidentally hits another car, killing the people inside, he should not be charged and sentence with vehicular manslaughter but instead be forgiven. But if a man was intoxicated and driving, and happened to swerve onto oncoming traffic and killing someone he should be charged with vehicular manslaughter because he was breaking the law by drinking and driving and he was at fault. A lot of the time when accidents happen the families of the victim are willing to forgive the person for something they didn’t purposely do, but when it comes to drinking and driving and they kill one of their family members, they deserve to sit in a jail cell and think of what they have done to that family and to the friends of that person. Another example is if a bar tender lets a person drink too much and the drunk driver goes and dies it is the bar tenders fault. That is about unintentional as you can get and he should be forgiven due to being an honest mistake. Intent is the major factor when it comes to crimes; weather its first degree or third degree murder so it should also play...
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