Essay on Effects of Apartheid

Topics: Black people, South Africa, White people Pages: 2 (584 words) Published: May 17, 2013
Apartheid Essay
Josh Upadhyay

Imagine waking in jail cell. What did you do? That’s right, you were walking on white streets after 6:30 pm without a pass. You got questioned, beaten, and thrown in here. As you look around, you begin to notice the other inmates. They are black, just like you. This was the reality from 1948 to 1994, during the Apartheid law. Black people were being discriminated against financially, emotionally, and mentally. Apartheid was a way for whites to gain more power and more control over the black population.

The higher you are in your job, the more power your wield. (With CEOs having all the power.) That’s what the whites thought so too, when they passed the Color Ban Act. This prevented blacks from doing skilled/semi-skilled jobs, forcing them to resort to bad, low wage jobs, effectively decreasing the amount of power they have economically (Aylett 4). With all the increased competition, (lots of people applying for the same jobs) people became desperate, making it so that they would have to accept any job they got- Or die penniless. This also ensured that blacks do not have enough money to fund political demonstrations/banners, keeping the whites in power.

Voting is a source of political power, whoever can vote has a small but influential part in electing their country’s leader. That opportunity was soon unavailable for black people as in 1936, Apartheid blocked blacks from voting. (Aylett 11) Instead, they had to elect three white people as their representatives. This prevented black people from saying what they thought, restricting them the freedom of choosing a leader for their country. Even though both whites and blacks live in South Africa, only the whites got to choose. (As the white people didn’t want the black people to have their way, the white representatives did not represent the true thoughts of the black community.) With this full white system, the whites could remain in power without fear of the blacks voting...
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