ETH 321 Learning Team C Wk 3 Corporate Executive Criminal Conviction

Topics: Peanut butter, Criminal law, Food Pages: 3 (341 words) Published: July 6, 2015

Corporate Executive Criminal Conviction

Corey Elliott, Jordan Graves, Gwendolyn Hall, Monica James, Mitchell Stonebarger ETH 321
June 29, 2015
John Pierce

In this paper, we will be discussing the food safety enforcement through criminal prosecution. We will also cover the threat within the food safety industry discussing and reviewing the following: the unethical conduct of the food safety industry. The crime committed in the food safety enforcement industry. Also how the food industry needs to be more aware of the new means of regulation and how they can step to prevent this from happing again (2015 McGuireWoods LLP). Last but not least the outcome of the case.

Unethical Conduct
In 2008, several individuals died and hundreds fell ill because of food poisoning; a massive outbreak of Salmonella was the source. The outbreak included contaminated peanut butter, peanuts, peanut meal, and peanut butter paste manufactured by PCA. There were concerns about the sanitation, operating procedures and ethical conduct of the company tracking back to the mid-1980s; however, there is no evidence that the company sought to change how they were doing business. According to "U. S. Department of Justice" (n.d.), "Stewart Parnell and Michael Parnell – with Lightsey and Kilgore – participated in several schemes by which they defrauded PCA customers and jeopardized the quality and purity of their peanut products” (para. 6). The company placed many at risk as their products are used in snacks, cookies, ice cream and dog treats and are shipped to public facilities such as grocery stores, schools, nursing homes and prisons. The company was charged with falsifying lab results, fabricating certificates of analysis, intentionally shipping salmonella-tainted food, wire fraud, mail fraud, sale of adulterated food, sale of misbranded food and obstruction (McGuire Woods LLP, 2015). Case Results

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