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Grade 10 Academic Science- Exam Review


1. What is the name given to a mixture that does not appear the same throughout? a) element
b) mechanical mixture/heterogeneous mixture
c) molecule
d) pure substance
e) solution

2. What is the name given to the group of elements that includes Na, K, and Rb? a) halogens
b) alkaline earth metals
c) alkali metals
d) transition elements
e) noble gases

3. How many valence electrons are there in an atom of chlorine? a) 3
b) 7
c) 8
d) 17
e) 35.45

4. What type of reaction is it when zinc reacts with chlorine? a) single replacement/single displacement
b) double replacement/double displacement
c) synthesis
d) decomposition
e) combustion

5. What kind of reaction is shown below?
3NaOH + H3PO4(aq)  3H20 + Na3PO4
a) Double Displacement b) Combustion c) Synthesis d) Neutralization

6. Which of the following is the correct name for AgNO3 ?
a) gold (I) nitrideb) silver nitrate
c) silver nitride d) silver nitrogen trioxide

7.Which of the following is true about NaCl?
a) Cl is the electron donor
b) it is an ionic compound
c) it is a covalent compound
d) Na is the electron acceptor

8. Which of the following is NOT a sign that a chemical change has occurred a) a gas has formed
b) the material changes colour and stays that way
c) there is a change of state
d) there is the formation of a precipitate
e) there is a change in temperature

9. What pH would you expect Coca-Cola ® to have?
a) 10 b) 7 c) 1 d) 3

10. State the range of possible pH values for a basic solution. 11. Give the proper chemical name for the following (some multivalent and polyatomic)

(a) BaCl2 _______________________
(b) Na2CO3 ___________________________
(c) Fe(NO3)3 ___________________________
(d) CuS ___________________________
(e) MgBr2 ___________________________
(f) AlPO4 ___________________________
(g) HCl(aq) __________________________
(h) H3PO4(aq) _________________________

12. Give the proper chemical formula for the following (some multivalent and polyatomic):

(a) copper(II) carbonate ________________
(b) ammonium phosphate ________________
(c) tin (IV) oxide ________________
(d) sulfur dichloride ________________
(e) calcium bromide ________________
(f) calcium chlorate ________________
(g) nitric acid __________________
(h) magnesium hydroxide _______________
(i) dinitrogen trioxide __________________

13. Using Bohr-Rutherfor diagrams, explain how an atom of calcium and an atom of nitrogen would react to for stable ions. Use the charges on the ions to determine the resulting formula of calcium nitride.

14.What is the Law of Conservation of Mass? Use this law to explain why an iron nail would have more mass after it has rusted than before. (rusting is a synthesis reaction with oxygen)

15. Balance the following chemical equations and state the type of reaction in each case. (a)____ LiNO3 + ____ MgCl2  ____ LiCl + ____ Mg(NO3)2

(b) ____ Mn + ____ O2  ____ Mn2O3

(c)____ Cu + ____AgNO3  ____ Ag + ____ Cu(NO3)2

16. The following reaction was carried out in the lab:

_____ NH4NO3  _____N2O + ____H2O

(i) What type of reaction is this?

(ii) Balance the equation.

17. What are the products of an acid-base neutralization reaction? Write an example of such a reaction for any acid and base that you choose.


1. What does the Acronym S.A.L.T. stand for?
a) Size, Aptitude, Longitude,...
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