Expressing Leadership Through Communication:

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Expressing Leadership Through Communication: How The Best Leaders Communicate Introduction
In any organization, the key to success is great leadership. There are different types of leadership styles within the work place, and the culture and mission of an organization determine which style will work best. The most important aspect of leadership is communication. The leader’s goal is to create a work environment where employees will want to do their best. How well a leader manages a team begins with the way they communicate. Communication is essential to an organization because it allows a leader to focus on motivating their team to be disciplines, accountable, strategic, and empowered. In order for a leader to be effective, they must be able to adapt to different situations and goals. It is important for leaders to acquire different skills of communication. Having the right communication skills is one key to leading an effective team. A leader’s main objective is to communicate the right message. How a leader’s way of communication affects their leadership style? Leadership

In an organization, there is no good or bad leadership style. It is important to understand how to adapt different leadership styles for different situations. The best leaders motivate and inspire their team through clear communication. Many people believe that the best leaders are the ones who communicate best. Leadership is influenced by social factors. According to Leadership Institute, leadership is the art of leading others to deliberately create a result that wouldn’t have otherwise happened. Many people believe that, leaders are naturally born to lead. However, leadership is a skill that is acquired through work experiences, education, or life experiences. It is a skill that some develop, as young as preschool. An effective leader can adapt new leadership styles with new challenges. Leaders are influential in inspiring their team to reach specific goals. Within any organizations,...
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